Recording: Advantages of the Médiathèque+ in Secretarial Studies

Webinaires 22 janvier 2021

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  • 100% web digital solution
  • Accessibility on all devices
  • Compatibility with various systems

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    In this webinar, Claude Lacroix, from our Customer Service – Digital Tools, and Mariya Pakhomova, one of our coordinators, present the advantages of working and studying with the Médiathèque+ in Secretarial Studies.


    Watch below the webinar presented on February 17, 2021.


    Having more than 30 years of experience in the customer service field, Claude has distinguished himself by following a unique career path. After studying music at university, then being an advocate for young entrepreneurs or teaching entrepreneurship, Claude chose CEMEQ as a logical continuation of his career path. CEMEQ enables him to put his knowledge, skills, and passion for technology and innovation into practice, as he enjoys collaborating with the world of vocational training.


    Mariya Pakhomova is a coordinator who participates in our collaborative work on various CEMEQ’s projects. She has a background in applied linguistics studies, as well as experience in teaching English as a second language and developing English-teaching materials. She is passionate about languages, language teaching, and educational technology.