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Secretarial studies

Flexible material suitable for group and individualized teaching

Discover our dynamic and current Secretarial Studies series

Dynamic, current, and focused on student success

  • Content that meets the requirements of program 5857 of the Ministère de l’Éducation and the current secretarial field of work
  • Step-by-step, explicit content presentation, suitable for adult learners as it fosters student autonomy and allows for gradual learning from theory to practice
  • A task-centred approach allowing for the rapid and adequate application of concepts
  • Many theoretical and practical exercises helping students apply their new knowledge
  • Features, pictograms and real-world scenarios that promote learning
  • Complementary resources, such as planning grids, review grids, and templates

The Médiathèque+ interface is now available in English!

Available guides • Paper and digital guides Médiathèque+